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Houston Texas Dog Spa


Here at Biscuit Hill we believe that only the best will do for your pets and that means providing top of the line quality products in addition to our unmatched commitment to you and your dog.


You will notice that we only offer one level of care and that is Premium. Because that is what your pet deserves. We don’t believe in “nickel and diming” our clients or offering a “good, better, best” menu. You get our best from the very start.

Each and every pet receives only the highest in quality and care for an individually tailored grooming experience. We also offer a wide variety of extra spa services to pamper you pet with the highest quality products. We want your pet to enjoy a calm, stress-free and relaxing environment. After all, isn’t that what we expect from a spa? Your pet should receive no less.

We also don’t believe in the “one size fits all” mentality. We customize your pricing based on your pet and his or her needs. We believe a short haired dog should cost you less than a long haired dog. A small dog should also cost you less than a large dog; therefore, our prices our customized to fit the individual needs of your pet.

Our basic service includes a bath in one of our Premium shampoos, a Premier conditioning rinse, eye and ear cleaning,  as well as nails trimmed and smoothed. This is followed by a complete blow dry and brush out.  

You can then choose a specific haircut and styling if desired. You can also choose from our many Spa treatments available to your pet. To accurately quote the price of grooming your pet we speak to each customer to determine your pet’s needs and to give you the best price possible.

Houston Area Mobile Dog Grooming

(Includes bathing and conditioning in our Premium products, full blow dry, nail trim, teeth brushing, and ear cleaning.)

*Under 25 lbs. Short Hair Starting at $70.00
Long Hair Starting at  $100.00
*25-50 lbs. Short Hair Starting at $90.00
Long Hair Starting at  $125.00
*50lbs Plus. Short Hair Starting at $110.00
Long Hair Starting
 at  $150.00

*Premium Grooming Services include deshedding, specialty haircuts, full hand scissoring, and special instruction haircuts and start at an additional $25.

Final price will be available during your individual phone consultation.


*Nagayu C02 Hydrotherapy Spa Treatment: $25.00-$75.00

 This treatment helps with skin issues such as eczema, hot spots, dryness, dandruff, bug bites, yeasty skin, and hair loss as well as a variety of other skin issues. It increases blood flow to the skin and hair follicles and increases general wellness as well as provides your pet with a luxurious hydro spa therapy treatment that leaves him or her feeling invigorated and relaxed.


*Blueberry Facial: $15.00

This treatment is excellent for eye stains and is a general de-stresser. Pets love it and so do their owners!


*Warren London Paw Fizz: $5.00-$20.00

Do you take your pet on numerous walks? Are their pads dry and cracked? Does your pet suffer from excess yeast on and around his or her pads? The Warren London Paw Fizz is an ultra-healing and moisturizing treatment to put a new pep in your pet’s step.


*Painted Nails: $10.00 for a half set and $20.00 for a full.

Who doesn’t enjoy a good manicure? Your pet shouldn’t be any different. Celebrate a special occasion or holiday or just brighten you and your pet’s mood with a Pawdicure from Biscuit Hill.



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